Website strategy

Because high-level websites require high-level thinking.

01. About you

02. Expectations

Project type

How would you describe this project?

Choose an option which best summarizes your new project. You can select more than one option if needed.


How much do you expect to spend?

Your budget will determine the amount of work that can be done, the level of strategy and the quality of the deliverables.

Website Goals

What do you hope to achieve with your website?

Possible answers include: raise brand awareness, to be known as an expert, to provide information or downloads, to generate sales, to build an online community, for entertainment purposes, to generate ad revenue, to generate leads or to take bookings.

03. The brand


Do you have a brand strategy in place?

We offer assistance with your brand identity, and not just the logo design. A brand style guide and a firm brand strategy can be a formula for success, especially for larger companies and those who want to reach a wider audience.

Brand image

Do you have a logo?

If you already have a modern, high quality vector logo designed for your business, great! We can create one for you if not.

Social media artwork

Need some fancy new profile and cover images?

Choose this to get custom artwork designed for your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube accounts.

04. Design


Design-led typographic or photography based website?

The site could feature lots of images, or have a very simple clean font-focused layout.

Leading color

Choose your main or prominent company color

Your main color should be recognizable, included in your logo and should continue across your social media pages. We can work out exact color shades and tones later. Ours is pink, in case you hadn't already guessed.

Look and feel

Mainly light and bright or dark and high contrast?

Stepping over to the dark side is a tactical move which makes colors and illustrations 'pop' out. Perfect for creative companies.

05. Content

Website copy

Have you prepared or will you prepare text for the website?

The best person to write about your company is you. However, we can author website copy that can help you get found on Google.

Website pages

Which pages do you envisage needing?

Most websites have a handful of standard pages which visitors expect. With every business being different, you may want more.

Digital media

Do you have any photos or videos to include on your website?

YesNoSomeI want photographyI want videos

If you've already got some great content, we can work with it. Please note that we only work with high quality, high resolution and high definition files. We offer a range of services to improve the visual appearance of your website, so don't worry.

Graphic design

Would you like hand-drawn illustrations or 3D models?

Bring your website to life with professionally produced 2D illustrations and 3D models of anything and in any style.

Special features

Do you have any ideas for creative content?

There's no limits and anything is possible, we'd like to hear your ideas. If you'd prefer that we think about this, that's cool too. We can create browser-based 3D features, games, virtual reality experiences and all manner of interactive content.

06. Marketing

Search engine optimization

Would you like to be found on page one of Google?

It takes a lot of effort, but it's possible to get your website ranking on page one of Google for certain search terms.

Social media

Do you need more likes, subscribers and followers?

We can help to increase your social visibility and build your tribe by managing campaigns across your social media platforms.


Need help with running paid ads on Google?

If you're looking for someone to help manage your pay-per-click campaigns, we can do that. A PPC budget is advised to help raise brand awareness as part of your digital marketing strategy.


Do you currently use newsletter marketing?

We design and send newsletters on behalf of our clients to share news, promote special offers and seasonal sales.

07. Hosting


Do you need website hosting?

You may already have your own website hosting plan to use for this project. If not, we can supply fast and reliable servers, SSL certificates and e-mail services billed yearly as we're GoDaddy resellers.


Need us to make some custom email signature(s)?

We can design custom signature(s) seen at the bottom of e-mails. These help to make your company look more professional.

08. Consultation

Business coaching

Would you like to work with a consultant?

We can teach both in person and remotely. Tap into a wealth of knowledge and get expert business advice to help boost your sales and improve efficiency through systems, training and creative solutions.

09. Examples

Websites you like

Do you have any links to sites that you love?

Websites you don't like

Do you have any links to sites that you dislike?

10. Agreement