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Distinctly different designs

Impactful artwork speaks volumes. It’s easy to forget that graphic design is a form of communication, as we’re bombarded with visual cues daily.

Good artwork should speak to it’s audience with a clear message.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and to set the stage for such a speech requires an experienced artist who has depth of knowledge and the ability to navigate several industry-leading graphics packages like it’s second nature.

Click & drag the image of our Voodoo doll ‘Sugar’ for an example of 2D and 3D artwork styles. If you’d like our artists to create something similar, get in touch!

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Trained by leading agencies and with over 15 years of experience, our graphic designers have worked with many top name brands and helped to produce visually stunning 2D & 3D artwork which has been enjoyed across many mediums.

Our designers have created original custom art for magazine advertisements, developed logos for new and established brands, designed exhibition signage and of course, beautified custom websites with digital web graphics.

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