WebXR AT The Museum - Voodoo LLC (https://voodoo.llc)
WebXR At The Museum

3D website with virtual reality. Designed over at our parent domain https://voodoo.llc. A Short story using low poly models, featuring one of our Voodoo dolls! Centered around a museum curator’s daily life and how he can improve his museum using WebXR.


Interactive 3D animation used from July 2020 to March 2021, to welcome visitors to our Planet Voodoo website. We removed the feature from the homepage but have since archived it for all you curious cats to enjoy. Bloom and film grain effects used.

CyberDoll - 3D Website Design
Naturelyu skin care Florida

This site took full advantage of our range of skills. We formed the brand, designed the product packaging and built the e-commerce website so that customers can purchase their skin care serums with ease. Ongoing marketing assistance also provided.

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The owner of this website was having a few problems with an outdated theme, causing the layout to break and plugins were experiencing conflict issues. We rescued the site with an overhaul, done over a weekend back in November 2020.

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theraphi.net website redesign
Theraphi Of Florida
Theraphi Of Florida LLC

We designed a logo and created a brand new website for a startup company in Florida. This website has a unique layout, e-commerce store and features such as a passive video background, booking forms and custom form styling.

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Experiment #1

The first of many experiments to demonstrate how a product feature could look using the power of the 3D web. Examples like this can be build as an add-on to an existing e-commerce store, or as a full standalone website to boost sales.

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Planet Voodoo Experiment #1 3D Website Example
North Beach Recovery Corolla Towing Company North Carolina
North Beach Recovery

Our team redesigned their existing website from the ground up. We modernized their branding by introducing a crisp new vector logo and increased visibility on Google via search engine optimization. Ranking on page one of Google for most of their 12 services.

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Planet Voodoo Island

We recreated our home on the beach here in North Carolina. Interactive 3D feature which gives visitors the ability to explore a low-poly island scene and learn more about each of the services offered by our company by clicking on 3D models.

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Planet Voodoo Island
Sil3nt Lights 3D Website
Sil3nt Lights

This 3D project was designed to be an introduction to a 15 minute interactive VR story. Set at night time in a field, the user can learn more about the background of the main story. A spooky soundtrack and clever lighting help to set the ambience.

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Sil3nt Lights Story

One of the first virtual reality experiences we ever made. It’s designed to be slow, and dramatic. An eerie narration and soundtrack and lots of 3D models & animations help to recount a story about a real-life UFO encounter.

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Sil3nt Lights VR Story
Voodoo People 3D Home
Voodoo People® Home

This 3D feature was created as an interactive home page for the Voodoo People® website. It replaces the standard home page in a WordPress build and tells a short story through narration, music, animation and 3D models.

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Voodoo People® Store

WordPress WooCommerce build for our sister company Voodoo People®. This website has a 3D home page which let’s the visitor view video, play a browser-based game and learn more about the toy dolls featured in the game through audio and 3D models.

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Voodoo People Store