The world seems to be filled with wholesome games featuring cute-looking characters embarking on enchanting mystical quests. That’s where Voodoo People® is different.

This title is designed for those lucky enough to own a virtual reality headset, and follows the reincarnation of our protagonist’s unfortunate ex-boyfriend.

Voodoo People Logo 3D
The star of the show


He was a total waste of space as a human, and he’s even worse as a doll. The fun begins after a freak electrical storm over the city dump causes lightening to strike a discarded doll named ‘Maurice’ – bringing him to life.

Maurice realizes that he wasn’t there alone, finding a small group of angry Voodoo dolls who have recently awoken.

The dolls make their way back to the city, where they begin to wreak havoc on their respective former owners as punishment for all the cruelty that they were forced to endure.

Maurice Voodoo People Doll

Our debut indie game Voodoo People® tests our patience skills. It’s an outlet to develop new worlds & characters with unique personalities for entertainment.

This project is an opportunity for our team to explore virtual reality as an entertainment medium, and to test the limits of this new technology while pushing the boundaries of acceptable humor.

Get involved

This game is a massive undertaking, and we’re a relatively small team. We’re always looking to work with talented programmers, 3D artists and animators. For more information and to join the dev team, send us an e-mail, visit the new Voodoo People® website and make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Follow us on Twitter for a follow back, and tweet us your ideas.

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