Theraphi Of Florida

Theraphi Of Florida LLC

This January we were approached by two aspiring entrepreneurs based in Florida, who wanted to share their passion with their local community and establish a new retail outlet in sunny Fort Myers. As with any new business, the owners needed a lot of support in order to create their new brand, web presence and corporate…

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Showgirls International Agency Website Ecommerce Store

Showgirls International

An agency in the UK approached us a few months back to get help with their website redesign and Spring launch. Showgirls International wanted it all. An e-commerce store, online community and all the forms necessary to collect details from both clubs and dancers. The redesign was a big upgrade from their previous website, with…

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Voodoo People 3D Home

Voodoo People Redesign 2020

As the sound of new year fireworks begins to fade, and hangovers wear off – we’re excited to show you the ‘new look’ Voodoo People® website, which has just yesterday been opened to the public. Our time has been rationed out between several projects in the run up to Christmas, but we made the time…

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Planet Voodoo Island

Funky fresh facelift for 2020

It’s that time of year again. Mistletoe, pies and… programming. We’ve spent the past few weeks bringing our own websites up to date, so that we can begin the new year with a new look that showcases all of the new techniques we’ve learned in 2019. When you’re capable of making anything and everything, figuring…

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North Beach Recovery Corolla Towing Company North Carolina

North Beach Recovery

Planet Voodoo® just finished a new website for a towing & recovery company based in our hometown of Corolla. North Beach Recovery have been around since 1994, serving the community and helping many of the the 300k+ yearly visitors that get themselves stuck on OBX while on vacation. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is…

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Sil3nt Lights VR Story

Sil3nt Lights VR Experience

Our team had the opportunity to work on something a little different recently! Straying from the world of traditional 2D web design, we were challenged to create a 3D website with a twist. Sil3nt Lights is a short story where one man recalls a series of events which unfolded over the Summer of 2015. Told…

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