Official A-Frame Sponsor

A-Frame Sponsor

We purchased our first virtual reality headset back in 2018, as we were confident that the technology had evolved to a point where the experience would be a good one. Shortly afterwards, we came across A-Frame. A new software library that would have a profound impact on the direction of our business. A-Frame re-ignited our…

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Planet Voodoo on the Outer Banks Featured in A-Frame VR Newsletter

Featured by A-Frame

As we scrolled through our Twitter feed yesterday, we were met with a lovely surprise. Three of our 3D web projects, and an additional post about our progress-based HTML5 loader were included in the latest A-Frame newsletter for May 2020. This may be non-news to those who don’t understand our journey, but for geeks like…

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Planet Voodoo 404 Error Page

Our new 404 page

As time goes by and as websites evolve, pages are sometimes moved and often go missing completely. We recently redesigned and restructured this website to provide our visitors with an improved user experience, and to share more information about our range of services. We’ve set up 301 redirects using a plugin called ‘Simple 301 Redirects’…

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