Our agency helps a wide variety of business owners, from funky-fresh start-ups to larger more established corporate clients. But who really benefits from our professional services? Where are they, and what do they do?

Let’s set the record straight, and paint a picture of our ideal client.

Being able to video chat with our clients has helped us to complete projects much faster and without extra cost. Driving miles just for a short meeting makes no sense (and isn’t kind on the environment) given the technology at our disposal today.

Our team are particularly interested in working with local business owners on the Outer Banks (OBX) and those based in and around Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina.

These are both exciting places to be right now, thanks to the forward-thinking CEO’s who make them so special. Recreating products as 3D models, and a design-led approach to presenting information is what we consider as fun.

Robotics, consumables, structures, science and technology all translate exceptionally well on-screen.

Not only does digital art make for eye-candy in our online portfolio, but 3D models on websites help to sell products and convert visitors into customers. Giving potential customers something to play with always has a positive effect on sales.

Tech entrepreneurs, manufacturers, artists, visionaries, producers and pioneers are just some of our favorite people.

Our mission is actually very simple, even if the work we do can be quite complex. We like to make things ‘look good’ and ‘work well’ – aesthetics are important, and so is functionality.

Achieving the right balance between looks and power is part of our process. Completing projects on time and within budget is our promise to you.

Get in touch and share your vision with us, let’s make something special together.