The team here at Planet Voodoo have been developing a new virtual reality game for the past few months, which includes all of the dolls seen on this website (and some new ones!).

Each doll has a unique voice, recorded by some very talented and well-known voice actors.

The initial free-to-play demo will include one full opening level, and the subsequent full version is set to include multiple levels and hours of active gameplay – with a splash of humor to keep players of 17+ years of age entertained.

Voodoo People® was created to demonstrate the potential of virtual reality, and to give anyone with even the slightest curiosity about VR a chance to experience it’s potential.

The technology has come a long way in recent years, with high resolution headsets ushering in a new era of interactive arts.

The game showcases our team’s abilities at branding, graphic design, programming, three dimensional modelling and audio/visual production – with the game’s environment being 4K resolution to add a sense of realism.

You’ll be able to download a playable version to try for yourself on the Steam Marketplace as soon as development is completed, and as soon as we’ve ironed out any bugs to make the experience as smooth as possible.

The game’s main character is a woman, who has to fight for survival to escape her apartment and put an end to the waves of Voodoo dolls that are wreaking havoc on her city after a freak thunder storm brings the dolls to life.

You’ll be able to interact with the dolls, pick up objects such as a baseball bat (say no more) and explore the 3D environment itself, in order to make your break for freedom.

Take a look at the new Voodoo People website for more information and follow us on Twitter to find out when you’ll be able to experience the game for yourself.

If you’d like to talk to us about virtual reality, and how VR could be used for your business as a marketing tool to promote products, services and educate customers, contact our team.