As the sound of new year fireworks begins to fade and the hangovers start to wear off – we’re excited to show you the ‘new look’ Voodoo People® website, which has just yesterday been soft-launched. Still some improvements to make, but it’s live.

Our time has been rationed out between several projects in the run up to Christmas, but we made the time to give our other website a much needed update before January came around.

While most people were enjoying mulled wine and familiar festive classics, our team worked day and night to meet our own self-imposed, and seemingly impossible new year deadline.

Some new features for the website include an improved store where customers can pre-order any of our signature Voodoo Doll characters, and an immersive 3D feature on the home page. We also opted to make the store as hideously bright and vibrant as possible, with a deep purple background and odd-looking menu.

We’re using a WordPress system and have integrated the new 3D feature into the home page to create a seamless experience that enables the visitor to jump from the familiar 2D e-commerce store layout, straight into a slightly creepy interactive 3D scene.

This technique is definitely a taste of what’s to come this year, as Google have recently made their experimental webVR (now called webXR) a standard feature in their Chrome browser.

Head over to the new website (some patience and / or a fast internet connection is essential) and take a look at what we’ve been working on.

If you’d like to work with us on your next project, contact our team and tell us what you need. Learn more info about the Voodoo People® project on our labs page.