Since mid 2018 we’ve been preparing all the assets needed for our Voodoo People® game.

There’s a lot of work involved, and it’s especially challenging as we’re only a small studio.

What started out as a simple idea, has grown into something much bigger as we’ve explored the various storyboards, scripts and characters involved.

We had to conceptualize a large number of characters (their looks, background, how they sound) and then bring them all to life by forming many unique personalities.

At first we planned to create the whole game using a game engine called Unity. Unity is great, but it’s not a framework that we’re familiar with as website developers.

After much consideration, experimentation (and expense), we took the difficult decision to abandon the work already done in Unity and try something completely different.

We’d been toying with the idea of starting from scratch, only this time using something a little more accessible to both the players and to our development team.

Voodoo People® will be available to play online for free, as a series of browser-based mini games.

Voodoo People VR Game Update
Voodoo People VR Game Update

It’s a fantastic opportunity to show people what we’re capable of as a website design company and as an indie games studio.

We’re using A-Frame as the game engine for our most adventurous project to date, and development of the first level is already well underway!

Each installment will be unique with new characters, objectives, game mechanics and environments – which should keep it fun and entertaining.

The first chapter of the new Voodoo People series will be ready to play within the next few months. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

This means that there’s no need to download additional software to experience the game. We’re convinced that browser-based games are the way to go.

They’re shareable and can be experienced using a VR headset – which is inline with our own initial expectations of the game.

For those who don’t yet own a VR headset, the game can still be played in the browser using a keyboard and mouse.

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