If you’re not already producing video content regularly, you should be. Video marketing is an essential way to garner attention and attract traffic to your website.

Short videos are a fantastic, low-cost solution that gives potential customers a window into your products, services and personality.

That said, viewers will loose respect, trust and confidence in your offerings if the quality is poor and if the sound is inaudible.

Today, viewers expect the production quality to be high as the majority of videos on YouTube are so well produced.

Producing commercial video impacts your SEO performance – Google loves it. But when it comes to commercial video advertisements, the job is usually best left to the professionals.

This ensures that your videos contain eye-catching animations, engaging content and are branded correctly with all the post-production work done properly.

If you still want to shoot your own videos, here’s some tips for self-producing video content so that your video marketing exercise isn’t an embarrassing failure.

The best way to approach something that you’re not confident at, is to enlist the help of professionals.

Planet Voodoo can take care of filming, editing and video marketing, for the best results and to give you more time to focus on your primary business activities.

  • Keep the camera steady
  • Remember the rule of thirds
  • Frame your shots properly
  • Adjust your settings correctly
  • Record in the right format
  • Pick the right environment
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Add your brand logo
  • Embed videos in blog posts
  • Tag your videos on YouTube
  • Share your videos on social media
  • Monitor statistics