This January we were approached by two aspiring entrepreneurs based in Florida, who wanted to share their passion with their local community and establish a new retail outlet in Fort Myers.

As with any new business, the owners needed a lot of support in order to create their new brand, web presence and corporate stationery.

Planet Voodoo have been working with this new client since the start of the year, and what a year it has been so far! As the world plunged deeper into a global pandemic, established businesses have been facing economic uncertainty as they tried to navigate these testing times.

That’s where Theraphi Of Florida‘s strengths really start to show. We were really impressed at how quickly the owners managed to achieve their goals, given the circumstances.

Theraphi Of Florida
Theraphi Of Florida

With a good business model, the right attitude and great products – we’re confident that success is just around the corner for this Florida-based startup.

We’ve helped them to establish their corporate identity, and put in place a new WordPress WooCommerce website to handle online appointment making.

The website build also gives them the ability to manage their inventory and process orders of CBD products & gifts (which can be viewed in person at their freshly decorated store).

Take a look at their new website and if you’re local, go and visit their store. Get in touch with one of our team, if you need help to get your new business off the ground.