We were approached by an old friend over at theraphi.net as their WordPress build had encountered a few issues and was being somewhat temperamental.

The website’s theme was so old that it was starting to develop problems rendering their pages to visitors, and some plugins were experiencing conflict issues. This was proving to be problematic for visitors.

As time was of the essence, we spent a full weekend, working non-stop to backup old data and update their theme to something a little more modern. The old design was light and primarily white, with pink and purple accents.

Having served them well for nearly 5 whole years, we decided to try something a little different and give it a fresh lick of paint for 2021.

As the site didn’t appear to be taking advantage of an SSL, we configured the new build to be more secure, and started the redesign with a nifty Revolution Slider feature to make a big first impression on the home page.

theraphi.net website redesign
theraphi.net website redesign

To celebrate the release of their new, experimental plasma device, we took inspiration from it’s reddish glow and used it as the site’s color accent.

Given that the whole job was started on a Friday and finished on a Sunday – both the owner and our team were happy with the results.

We managed to update the layout, rescue the pages and give the brand a new lease of life, all in a matter of days.

The new darker layout should provide visitors with a whole new environment in which to immerse themselves in the creator’s inventions.

Take a look at the new theraphi.net site for yourself, and if you need help putting a website together for your business – get in touch!