Our team had the opportunity to work on something a little different recently! Straying from the world of traditional 2D web design, we were challenged to create a 3D website with a twist.

Sil3nt Lights is a short story where one man recalls a series of events which unfolded over the Summer of 2015. Told from his perspective, the tone of this mini-epic sets the scene for a dramatic reconstruction of a real-life UFO encounter.

Planet Voodoo created the 3D website at sil3ntlights.com and the web-based virtual reality application, giving you the ability to re-live his experiences in VR, and on your desktop computer.

This project took several months to complete, from storyboards and animated 3D models to programming and sound design.

We had a lot of fun and were able to demonstrate our wide range of skills in the production of this rather unusual piece of interactive art.

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