As time goes by and as websites evolve, pages are sometimes moved and often go missing completely.

We recently redesigned and restructured this website to provide our visitors with an improved user experience, and to share more information about our range of services.

We’ve set up 301 redirects using a plugin called ‘Simple 301 Redirects‘ so that the Google bots know what’s going on, and where old resources have been relocated.

When users load a page which is no longer there, and before Google can update their search results, website designers can sometimes choose to create a page that informs the visitor that the information they were looking for has moved.

The extra effort spent trying to get the experience right, and the attention to detail when designing obscure pages like a ‘404 error page’ can go a long way in making an impression.

A website’s 404 error page and can be customized to add company branding, or to inject a little humor into what could otherwise be considered to be a rather embarrassing event.

Planet Voodoo 404 Error Page
Planet Voodoo 404 Error Page

After our latest Spring cleaning, we decided to create a 404 of our own, so that visitors unfortunate enough to click through to any dead links aren’t left out in the dark.

Since the release some years ago, we’ve been a fan of a series of videos which were produced to promote a drink that goes by the name of ‘Big Shake’.

The commercials went viral earning the company some much deserved exposure and raising a few eyebrows along the way. The videos never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

We used a short clip of one of their YouTube videos (our favorite) as a background, and provided clear instructions on how the visitor can get safely back to dry land.

Our new 404 page helps people find what they were looking for, without them becoming disappointed at having wasted 0.0003 calories clicking through to a dead link.

If you’d like Planet Voodoo® to build your website and give it the attention that it deserves, contact our team.