Planet Voodoo® just finished a new website for a towing & recovery company based in our hometown of Corolla.

North Beach Recovery have been around since 1994, serving the community and helping many of the the 300k+ yearly visitors that get themselves stuck on OBX while on vacation.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a fantastic place to live, until you encounter an automotive issue that is.

Driving on the beach can be difficult, and when you get stuck in the sand, who do you call? Traditional rescue companies such as the AAA never venture onto the beach. Luckily NBR are always on hand to help rescue beached motorists.

That’s actually how we initially met. Since that day, we’ve had the opportunity to work together on various tasks, and have become pretty good friends in the process.

And so when the time finally came for businesses owners Chase and Ronda to look into completely redesigning their company website, naturally we were their first choice.

Towing Company Carova Beach Outer Banks
North Beach Recovery Corolla Towing Company North Carolina

Their old site was quite badly designed, and it was under-performing in Google searches with an initial health check score of 60. That’s not a bad score, but it certainly isn’t brilliant.

Since the redesign however, their score has pushed well into the mid 70’s, which should have a positive effect on their sales throughout the rest of the year and into 2020.

The overall aesthetics have been greatly improved, alongside the addition of a new mobile framework and some much needed website copy authoring.

This will ensure their rankings improve and should convert more visitors into customers.

Some other pretty cool features were added, including a simple tide chart (useful for anyone driving on North Beach in Corolla) and some awesome hero sections with ‘click to call‘ and ‘click to text’ buttons used as call-to-action elements.

Take a look at the website.