This month we helped to launch a cosmetics brand based in West Palm Beach, Florida – with everything being finished just in time before Christmas.

Naturelyu is a new company offering natural, organic skin care products for sale through a fresh e-commerce platform, visible at

The owner needed a lot of help to bring her vision to life, having been let down by her previous website designer who failed to deliver on their promises.

This caused the owner to loose faith in the possibility of ever forming a solid brand and realizing her dream, which goes to show just how much people depend on their humble web designers. Luckily, we’re not a one-trick pony, so we were able to offer our full support.

After several online meetings, we were given the task of redesigning her logo, e-commerce website and design work to create the packaging for her new line of serums and accessories.

Naturelyu skin care Florida
Naturelyu skin care Florida

We opted for a minimal, clean and clinical design-led approach to compliment the brand ethos and to emulate the style often seen on the products from leading cosmetics companies.

Keeping it simple is no easy task, which will come as a surprise to many non-designers. Every line and element has to be well thought through and the design, de cluttered.

This was done to reflect the purity of the ingredients and keep the user experience hassle-free, focusing on the customer’s goals.

The website features monochrome videos to bring it all to life, and the new-look branding & packaging can be seen on the recently-launched site. Like what you see? Place an order and enjoy the serums for yourself!

Take a look at If you need to work with someone to get your brand rocking, get in touch.