Planet Voodoo has arrived on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, bringing with it a team of skilled animators to create animated digital artworks for local companies.

Our experienced and hugely talented 3D artist can produce high and low poly models of anything our clients demand and is able to animate the models according to requirements.

This enables us to design models for prototyping, 3D printing and for use in websites or virtual reality applications, giving our customers a real marketing edge and transforming brands.

Our animators work with a range of professional tools such as Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender and the Adobe packages to bring ideas to life. Concepts, wireframes, textures and animation is all custom work, original and done to client specification.

Offering up a shareable, online 3D virtual version of a product can be a great form of promotion, allowing customers to play with and explore the product in detail prior to purchase.

We also offer 2D animation for use in video productions, such as kinetic typography and animated illustrations to bring characters to life.

Anything from the classic Disney style cartoons to modern Pixar-esque 3D animations are possible at Planet Voodoo.

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