Following the exposure from our recent website design awards nomination, we were surprised to discover screenshots from our 3D website on a ‘design inspiration’ blog.

Surprised and flattered, actually.

A quick investigation into the traffic coming from revealed that thousands of visitors from Europe to Asia, had clicked on ‘expertly curated’ examples of our work in an effort to overcome ‘creators block’ and for inspiration when starting new projects.

Our team were humbled to learn that many of the designers were from Japan (the home of Manga and Anime), and that they were drawing inspiration from our USA-made creations.

Design blogs can be an excellent source for ideas, color schemes and interface design techniques, and are often used by industry professionals starting commercial projects.

We’ll certainly try our best to produce more original artwork that inspires designers for the rest of 2019!

If you’d like to work with a bunch of trend-setting dolls on your next project, get in touch.