We still can’t quite believe it, it’s stranger than fiction. What happened to the world in such a short amount of time this year has changed the lives of everyone on the planet.

The world as we remember it just a few months ago will never be the same. Customs, traditions, pastimes, leisure and commerce has all changed, possibly forever.

The impact of the corona virus has been felt all the way up to the top floor offices of established corporations, and the economy has been struggling to restart with some sense of normality for weeks. But what does this mean for the average entrepreneur and small business owner?

As the general public struggle to navigate this strange new world, consumer habits are starting to change.

From the comfort of isolation, people are now choosing to shop almost exclusively online, in an effort to minimize the risks of social contact.

Shares in Amazon and Walmart have maintained their price and even increased in value thanks to a growing number of people shopping online.

Millions have unfortunately lost their jobs due to a lack of foot-fall in department stores and high street shops. The weakest links seem to have snapped and given way to a devastating chain reaction that nobody saw coming.

But enough doom and gloom… what does the future hold for us? Once we’ve stopped panicking about bills and learned to adapt to these strange times – what’s next?

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Beach OBX Outer Banks Covid-19

Almost all businesses here on the Outer Banks have been affected, and it may be some time until it’s business as usual. If you own a business on OBX and are looking for ways to adapt – it may be a good idea to get in touch with us.

If you’ve been left disappointed by the impact of the current crisis, it may be time to think outside of the box, and step outside your comfort zone (as if this new world isn’t testing enough!). This may be the perfect opportunity to try something new, or refocus your efforts into what could be a more profitable endeavor.

The economy was due a reset, and many larger businesses with unfunded liabilities will surely go out of business. The time has come for the companies of old.

And the time is definitely ‘now’ for those who are willing to take a risk, and make the leap to becoming self-employed and running a small business. There should be a focus on technology, and how we can use the tools available to us, to provide a product or service, safely.

If you’re interested in making technology work for you, and would like to talk to someone about your plans, ideas and aspirations – we invite you to message our team.

We’d love to get involved with the local (and wider) community – to turn dreams into reality and offer entrepreneurs the assistance that they deserve. We’re still available to talk over the phone, and to meet online via Skype and Zoom.