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Planet Voodoo® provide business consulting services to new and established companies based on the Outer Banks and throughout North Carolina.

We help organizations like yours to fix problems and implement systems & strategies. Our experienced team are ready to develop the technology and processes you need.

Dedicated business consultant

Work with a dedicated business consultant in confidence, who will get to know you and your business inside out.

From your brand and social media pages to your website, we enhance every aspect of your front-facing presence to inspire customer confidence and increase sales.

Grow your business and increase revenue

Many business owners are seeking funding to help support their company through these tough times.

However, they fail to understand how to adapt and often lack the staff, knowledge and expertise required to make changes and weather the storm.

If you’re exploring funding options, it may be a sign that you should refocus your efforts and address your sales & marketing issues to improve cash flow.

You can learn more about how businesses on the Outer Banks have been impacted by reading this blog post.

Karen can't fix this

Your problems are also not likely to be fixed by looking to your staff for answers. Everyone has their place at your organization, and people become complacent.

Sadly, Karen on accounts can not help you! She can’t see the woods for the trees – much like yourself.

Invite some fresh eyes into your operations and make some positive changes, so that you can continue to provide employment to your staff for years to come, and so that you can stop worrying about your survival.

My name is AJ, and I’m here to make some serious changes. To help you in ways that you’ve probably never imagined.

Outer Banks Retail, Clothing & Manufacturing business
Business consultant marketing expert North Carolina

Meet AJ – Your Marketing Expert

I’ll be part of your team for as long as it takes to identify and fix efficiency issues, to save you money and increase sales performance via multi-channel marketing.

Over the years I’ve worked with companies across the globe – and explored the intricacies of their operations in great detail.

I’ll develop your brand and get to know your customer base.

We build next-level 3D websites to showcase products and get that ‘wow’ factor, and we also design and build the systems that your business is missing.

Once your corporate identity has been enhanced, you’ll gain access to a range of digital marketing services, to increase brand visibility and boost sales.

Our team manage e-mail marketing, PPC campaigns and automate processes. Training can also be provided to your employees so they know how to use your new systems.

How we transform your business
  • Share knowledge and insights
  • Brand style & corporate identity
  • Develop systems to increase productivity
  • Get the WOW! factor with 3D experiences
  • Digital marketing & SEO services
  • Automation, re-marketing & customer retention
  • Full multimedia support

If you’d like to work with AJ for business consultancy, and tap into our range of digital media services to transform your business, send us a quick message!