Many view living on the 4×4 area of North Beach as a challenge, and rightly so. No courier dares to venture up these parts.

It’s hard to access unless you have a four wheel drive vehicle with good clearance, and a simple trip to the shops often turns into a strategic operation, dictated by how high the tide is.

It does however boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and OBX is home to some of the most unique and vibrant small businesses that we’ve ever seen.

Usually a client would come to our new spangled offices, but on Carova that isn’t the case. We don’t mind driving to meet our clients at their place of business as it helps us to feel like we’re part of their team and understand the way in which they work.

This saves our clients the hassle of possibly getting stuck in the sand and being marooned up here, cut off by the tidal waters.

I can tell you that despite Carova’s unique challenges and minor inconveniences – that this place is the perfect environment to do what we do best, to think and to create.

The isolation that Carova provides can be the perfect catalyst for some serious production. We’re 100% focused editing video and coding websites, with the peace to concentrate on all those little details that make a big difference.

From this place, we are able to give local businesses our all, and devote our time to helping their business become a success.

So how do businesses here stand out? Much like animals in any ecosystem – they need to adapt and be the best.

To grow brighter colored feathers and dance the dance with precision, grace and composure. Innovation and marketing for many small business owners can be a problem.

The Outer Banks can be a competitive marketplace with many companies competing for the short attention span of up to 300,000 visitors each year.

Employing talent in-house often doesn’t work out as employees become complacent, and connecting with the right people who believe in their business and have the skills to highlight and promote it effectively is difficult.

Seeing such badly designed and outdated websites here in our new home on the Outer Banks is what really drives us.

The websites we see are often poorly designed, lack good quality videos and aren’t even mobile friendly. It’s like nobody heard about the shift to mobile browsing and the introduction of social media all those years back.

It’s obvious then, that entrepreneurs on OBX don’t appreciate or understand the value of their online presence because it wasn’t done properly – it simply hasn’t ever worked out for them.

We run website health checks on some of the sites we visit, and it isn’t looking good. Some are even missing basic meta information such as titles and descriptions. Schoolboy errors.

This often translates into missed revenue and the distrust of potential new customers online, who are put-off by poor user experience, missing content and a lack of functionality.

Luckily we’re here to change all of that and give the businesses of OBX a much needed voice. To provide a platform they can be proud of and a place to shout from loud and clear.