We purchased our first virtual reality headset back in 2018, as we were confident that the technology had evolved to a point where the experience would be a good one.

Shortly afterwards, we came across A-Frame. A new software library that would have a profound impact on the direction of our business. A-Frame re-ignited our passion for software development and provided a safe passage into the world of 3D web design using three.js, which was a new concept compared to the 2D web design that we were used to.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen A-Frame grow into a stable, powerful framework for creating web-based virtual reality applications. And so when one of the creators opened up for sponsorship, we offered to support him with a recurring monthly donation.

WebXR for museums

Maintaining open source software is difficult, as we know. And so supporting the A-Frame project was important to us. As part of the sponsorship deal, we were offered a space on the A-Frame homepage, and also a mention inside the ‘readme’ file in the repository.

Our aim is to develop WebXR for museums, and for this – we require a solid, reliable and well-documented framework for use on commercial projects.

Official A-Frame Sponsor
Kieran Lee Farr teaching WebXR using A-Frame

© Kieran Lee Farr – full article

The future of WebXR

We really believe in WebXR, and enjoy using it as a creative outlet. The pandemic has forced businesses to re-think how they operate, and explore new ways in which to promote their products and services – A-Frame goes a long way to solving many of these problems.

We can also see A-Frame being taught to students of all ages, and while programming isn’t for everyone, it should definitely help to inspire future generations as they embark on their journey of self-discovery and learn new trades in this ever-changing world.

This is thanks in part to great documentation (which takes a long time to write) and the A-Frame community as a whole – with many talented programmers contributing to the project by writing a wide range of components that quickly unlock new features and functionality for all the virtual reality and augmented reality developers using it.