We were always fascinated by popup books as children.
Pure magic

To see a three dimensional world grow from a seemingly flat object at the turn of a page. It’s a strong, fond memory and the concept still excites us today. The magic we once felt as youngsters never faded, it merely evolved into a passion with commercial applications.

This explains why we’re so passionate about what we do for our clients today. Fast forward thirty something years. The flat object is your screen, and the unfolding world is created by us.

Experimenting with new technologies

Drawing inspiration from Eastern and Western culture, our obsession with both contemporary and classic design helps us to produce new and exciting concepts, often blending golden ratio and Feng Shui principles in our concepts and across all our work.

We’re a new agency with an old soul, and we love to experiment with emerging technologies to develop the cutting edge experiences at the heart of successful marketing campaigns.

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Planet Voodoo® was formed in 2018 because of the potential that two people saw in what was deemed ‘experimental’ technology at the time. This technology has since become a standard in all modern web browsers. The gamble we took in spending several years learning how to code exciting 3D experiences using new languages and programming libraries finally paid off. After over a decade creating traditional 2D websites for clients, we can now offer something incredible to the world. Welcome to the 3D web.