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Looking for a good video production company on OBX?

If you’d like to work with a local, experienced camera crew to film interviews, video testimonials and shoot commercial promotional advertisements for your business, look no further!

The best local video production OBX

Planet Voodoo is home to the new dolls in town! We recently relocated to the Outer Banks from the big, bad city – where our skills have been honed over many years, filming & editing video for clients in America and Europe.

We worked with clients to produce high quality videos that can be uploaded to YouTube, shared on social media and added to website pages & blog posts.

Our videographers have all the latest equipment to capture stunning 4K video on land, at sea and in the air.

Professional video production for OBX

Some of our cameras include GoPros for action / sports, Drones, DSLRs, 360 degree cameras and 4K TV broadcast camcorders for interviews and piece-to-camera footage.

Our video production service process
  • Contact us via e-mail or call with your requirements
  • Assessment needed to work out the best approach
  • Filming with our camera crew for a half day or full day
  • Post-production editing, colorization and animations
  • Approval needed – preview video is sent to you via e-mail
  • Feedback appreciated for the final edit
  • Uploading of finished video to YouTube / social media
Why is our video production service different?

Clients who need help with their website often commission us to produce their website videos.

This can often result in substantial cost savings, as our quotations are all-inclusive rates for a large amount of work.

One of our dolls has prior experience working for a well known news media organization. He’s very detail-orientated and this is reflected in his video production abilities.

We have the experience, all the latest technology and a diverse skill set which enables us to produce the best quality videos, at the best possible price – quickly and efficiently.

It’s our mission to position you as the expert in your field.

Video production OBX
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We don't stop at video production!

Planet Voodoo offer the full service including:

– Film production
– Animated videos
– Video marketing
– Explainer videos
– Website videos
– Cinematic videos
– Commercial videos
– Advertisements
– Sports videos
– Interviews
– Testimonials
– Aerial videos
– Viral videos
– Conference Filming
– Vlogs (video blogs)