First Awards of 2020

Excited to announce that our project ‘Sil3nt Lights’ won some awards this month.

It was a long and grueling project, our first big webVR experiment created last year. We learned so much from the experience and it really inspired us, helping us to hone our skills and develop our programming abilities on what is still a relatively new technology.

The story is based on a UFO encounter, and comes in two main parts.

First there is a 3D website, featuring many 3D models set in a forest. It was challenging to get the atmosphere right, as it’s set at night time. This then leads the visitor to a 15 minute interactive story, with narration which plays out over 5 separate chapters.

You can learn more about this project by clicking here. And to see the awards, visit our about page! We’ll hopefully be winning many more this year.