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We were always fascinated by ‘pop up’ books as children.

To see a three dimensional world grow from a seemingly flat object at the turn of a page. It’s a strong, fond memory and the concept still excites us. The magic we felt as youngsters never faded, it merely evolved.

This explains why we’re so passionate about what we do for our clients today. Fast forward thirty something years. The flat object is your screen, and the unfolding world is created by us. We specialize in 3D website design and shareable browser-based virtual reality experiences.

Drawing inspiration from Eastern and Western culture, our obsession with both contemporary and classic design helps us to produce new and exciting concepts, often blending golden ratio and Feng Shui principles in our work.

Planet Voodoo® build brands and create value by enabling access to new dimensions in digital media.

A new agency with an old soul. We love to experiment with fringe technologies to develop the cutting edge experiences at the heart of successful marketing campaigns.

Planet Voodoo

creative team

A small team from NC who think big. We are the Voodoo People®

Miranda – Marketing & CEO

With a master’s degree in journalism and a bachelor’s degree in economics, Miranda has worked for many news outlets and non-profits over the years to lead marketing campaigns and to raise awareness of key social issues until she founded Planet Voodoo®.

Sandro – Full-Stack Developer

An e-commerce entrepreneur with a background in media. Sandro is a true creative and self-professed ‘enemy of inefficiency’. A talented individual with a diverse skill-set who’s customer-focused and obsessed with design and all aspects of the natural world.


UX design award
Special Kudos award
User Interface Award
User Experience Award
Innovation Award
Special Kudos Award
Chealsea rocking some augmented reality

We’re the creators of the Voodoo People® figurines & games.

You can learn more about the dolls by visiting Voodoo labs. Explore the 3D models that were produced for this project in detail over on our Sketchfab page.

Voodoo labsSketchfab

recent work

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